Rowan Glen climbs higher in Scottish Top 50 most loved brands

Scottish dairy brand Rowan Glen has jumped to number 12 in the Top 50 Scottish Food and Drink brands for 2015, up one place from 2014.

Located on the edge of Dumfries and Galloway National Park, Rowan Glen uses only the freshest, locally sourced Scottish milk from neighbouring farms, to produce a wide range of great tasting creamy yogurts and low fat yogurt drinks including 0% fat, Greek style and luxury Rich and Creamy products.

Suzanne McKay, Brand Manager for Rowan Glen, said:

“Rowan Glen is a trusted Scottish brand that consumers know continually delivers on quality and taste. We’re very proud of our heritage and have long recognised that consumers not only want fresh and tasty dairy products, but they also care about the provenance and associated health benefits of the yogurt products they consume. We are delighted to have improved on our position from last year and importantly that the Rowan Glen brand remains at the forefront of the consumer’s mind and is a must stock across every store. This is great news for our business and the Scottish dairy farmers who supply us with milk,” continued Suzanne.

In addition to its current products, Rowan Glen is committed to continually developing its offering to Scottish consumers through new product development and innovation. We have exciting plans to launch a host of new products in 2016 and with a robust growth strategy in place, Rowan Glen can look forward to 2016 with confidence.

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