You see it every day in your local shop, so how does it get there? There’s a process behind Dale Farm Milk to make sure you pick up a perfect product every time.

Here’s how the milk gets from the farm to your fridge.

Dale Farm – From Farm to Fridge

Step 1 – Milk It

First things first, our happy cows are milked – it’s a simple process to get the best produce ever!

Step 2 – Quality Check

Here at Dale Farm, our no nonsense ‘Sample Squad’ ensure we receive only the best quality milk.

Step 3 – The Science

Here, we pasteurise the milk producing delicious Whole, Semi-Skimmed and Skimmed milk – perfect for you every time!

Step 4 – Packing

The milk is bottled and packed, ready for delivery.

Step 5 – Pick Up

It’s time for the milk to hit the road. Pst… spot one of our trucks, let us know @dalefarmni.

Step 6 – Delivered

Our chilled trucks transport the milk fresh to your local shop everyday.

Step 7 – Enjoy

Our delicious milk, fresh from Dale Farm to your fridge – ready for you to enjoy!

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