Dromona is Northern Ireland’s brand leading butter and has been loved for generations. With the way it melts on hot toasted soda bread and the taste it brings to our favourite recipes, our Dromona Butter is at the heart of homes across the country.

So how do we make our iconic Dromona Butter? Here’s how it works.


Well Made

The Dromona Butter tange is the No.1 choice for N.I. families who enjoy its home grown natural goodness, taste and quality.

Step 1 – Receipt of Milk

Raw Milk is received directly from the farm and checked for superior quality.

Step 2 – Separation

The milk is separated into cream and skim-milk. With the cream being used for butter production.

Step 3 – Pasteurisation

Our Cream is then pasteurised.

Step 4 – Aging

The cream is ‘aged’ in a silo for a minimum of 8 hours to enhance the richness of the cream.

Step 5 – Churning

The cream is then churned until butter, with salt added to give the butter that distinctive Dromona flavour.

Step 6 – Quality Checks

All butter is then analysed and tasted to ensure we deliver the same great taste every time.

Step 7 – Packing

Butter is packed into either foil, parchment or a tub.

Step 8 – Chilled Storage and Dispatch


There are so many ways to enjoy Dromona Butter, what is your #RealTaste?

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