Home means many things to many people. The place they grew up, family, tradition, love and security. Home is more than just a building – home is familiarity, family, friends and memories.

To celebrate the starring role that Dromona plays in the home, we launched the ‘One Step Closer to Home’ campaign. Whether it’s the breakfast of champions that sets us up for the day, the taste of home in your little one’s lunch box or the secret ingredient that makes mum’s cooking simply the best.

One Step Closer to Home’ has seen people invite the Dale Farm film crew into their homes to share their special milestones with the nation. Why not join in on Niall Brady’s daunting first day of primary school and witness Orla Kearney cooking a last meal before heading off to university .


In addition to this, Schools across NI had the chance to win a ‘back to school’ party, complete with Q Radio outside broadcast, to make the new term a little less daunting or scary.



Passengers arriving at Belfast International Airport at Christmas got a shock when their luggage was replaced with mini suitcases packed full of the ‘taste of home’. As passengers waited to collect their suitcases, secret filming captured the surprise and delight of the giveaway. The footage shows people packing into the collection area and making their way around the carousel. Hundreds of happy passengers grabbed their cases packed full of home favourites such as Dromona butter and cheese – perfect for a family Christmas at home.


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