Well Made

Our butters and spreads are renowned for quality and taste. Made from the freshest milk, making them spreadable straight from the fridge

Step 1 – Receipt of Milk

Raw Milk is received directly from the farm and checked for superior quality.

Step 2 – Separation

The milk is separated into cream and skim-milk. With the cream being used for butter production.

Step 3 – Pasteurisation

Our Cream is then pasteurised.

Step 4 – Aging

The cream is ‘aged’ in a silo for a minimum of 8 hours to enhance the richness of the cream.

Step 5 – Churning

The cream is then churned until butter, with salt added to give the butter that distinctive Rowan Glen flavour.

Step 6 – Quality Checks

All butter is then analysed and tasted to ensure we deliver the same great taste every time.

Step 7 – Packing

Butter is packed into either foil, parchment or a tub.

Step 8 – Chilled Storage and Dispatch


There are so many ways to enjoy Rowan Glen Butter, what is your #RealTaste?

002068 RG Butter Infographic