Well Made

Rowan Glen, an award winning cheddar range.

Step 1 – Receipt of Milk

Raw Milk is received directly from the farm and checked for superior quality.

Step 2 – Pasteurisation and Cooling

The milk for our cheese is them pasteurised and cooled.

Step 3 – Vat and Incubation

Milk is then transferred to incubation vats where starters and rennet is added to begin the cheesemaking process. Following the addition of starters and rennet, the rennet turns the milk into a jelly like mass, which is cut to form the curds and whey.

Step 4 – Cheddaring

This is the process where the whey is separated from the curd – which will then become the cheese. The addition of salt gives the cheese flavour, helping to preserve the cheese and squeeze out more whey.

Step 5 – Formed into Blocks

The curd is then compressed into 20kg blocks and sent for manufacturing.

Step 6 – Maturation

The blocks of cheese are stored in carefully controlled conditions then regularly tasted by our cheese graders until they are ready to be selected to deliver the much loved flavour of Rowan Glen.

Step 7 – Packing

The selected cheese is then cut, grated or sliced into retail packs.

Step 8 – Chilled Storage and Dispatch


You get a lovely pack of Rowan Glen cheese.

002068 RG Cheese Infographic