Rowan Glen – Our Delicious Yogurt

Step 1 – Mix it

It all starts with Rowan Glen’s special mix of milk and proteins.

Step 2 – Heat and Homogenise

We pasteurise at 55-65 degrees celsius and homogenise to make sure our yogurt is safe to eat and perfectly smooth.

Step 3 – The Science

We then add starter cultures and heat to create the perfect yogurt base.

Step 4 – Chilled

We cool the yogurt to 18 degrees celsius and stir continuously.

Step 5 – Blending

It’s time for the delicious fruit mix to be blended into our yogurt.

Step 6 – Delivery

We then fill the yogurt into pots. It is now ready for delivery to your local store.

Step 7 – Enjoy

Our delicious Rowan Glen yogurt, fresh from the fridge – ready for you to enjoy.

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