Anna Busby – HR Placement

Anna Busby – HR Placement

Where and what are you studying?

I am currently studying Business Management at Queen’s University Belfast.

Why did you apply for Dale Farm?

I applied for the HR Placement at Dale Farm as I have always wanted to work for a local company that also has an active presence in the community.  It has always been important to me that I would work for companies with an active interest in their CSR policies. What a company does externally tends to also reveal what they will do internally – I knew that Dale Farm valued its employees and therefore would provide the best environment for me to get the most out of my placement year.

What have you enjoyed about working for Dale Farm?

Dale Farm has an open culture where employees are interested in new ideas or suggestions in the knowledge that everyone is working towards a common goal. Collaboration and team work is at the core of Dale Farm’s culture which has been key in me enjoying my placement year. Ideas are taken seriously irrespective of level or status in the company which has pushed me to be creative and step out of my comfort zone to have my say irrespective of others’ views. As a small team, I have enjoyed working in HR specifically as I was given endless autonomy and responsibility to take on varying projects and recruitment drives which enabled me to develop my knowledge and skills continuously. There is definitely never a quiet nor dull moment! I believe I was valued as an equal member of the team from day one and subsequently this enabled me to learn and grow in my career as much as possible throughout the year.

What have been your challenges?

HR is a relatively small team in Dale Farm which has been as equally challenging as it has been beneficial. The busy nature of the team means that at times, everyone was under a lot of pressure at the same time which subsequently meant I had a lot of different tasks on my plate to get completed within similar time frames. Over the year I found this easier to deal with as I became better at prioritising tasks and organising my workload, but this was further made easier as I was constantly supported by the rest of the team.

The other key challenge was learning to push myself in putting forward my ideas and being creative in areas that I was passionate about such as improving employee engagement and ideas for our recruitment processes to help attract a wider field of applicants. Over the year this definitely became a more natural part of the job and it became clear that these ideas were valued by the team.

What will you take away from this experience?

I have definitely gained a lot of transferable knowledge about HR processes as well as specific knowledge about Dale Farm. Other than that I will take away the confidence I have gained from the year and resilience I have gained from the challenges I have faced over the year. The year definitely didn’t come without its trials but those have been equally as important in setting me up for my future career as the positives have been. I have been able to discover more about my strengths and weaknesses, and found out more about what I am passionate about and therefore what I will want to work on in my future career.

What are your future career aspirations?

Fortunately I have been given the opportunity to come back to Dale Farm as part of their Graduate programme so I am excited to continue the beginning of my career with the team. With HR being a central mechanism in a company, I have found I have been able to expand on my business acumen in general as well as my HR knowledge so I look forward to being able to continue my skills development. In the future, I would potentially like to do a course in Business Data Analytics, particularly HR Data Analytics. This would enable insight into the workforce and consequently enable contribution to HR strategies and problem-solving, which is something that I feel passionately about