Claire Beckett

Every day, rain or shine, our dairy farmers rise early and work tirelessly to care for their herd.

Claire Beckett gives us a glimpse into her family’s farm in Donacloney. Along with her passion for farming, Claire brings qualifications and professional experience in dairy nutrition to the farm. And what gives her job satisfaction? Happy, healthy cows!

Wallace Gregg

Meet Wallace Gregg, one of our Dale Farm Dairy Farmers who explains how he can tell his 160 cows apart!


Roy McLean

Did you know… Dairy cows have specific tastes and preferences when it comes to grass? Our dairy farmers know how to keep their taste-buds happy! Within a few hours, they’ll turn this delicious grass… into delicious milk. Here’s farmer Roy McLean sharing his herd’s favourite menu!


Brian McCracken

Meet Brian, one of our Dale Farm Dairy Farmers who is enjoying a busy Spring calving!